Arizona Youth Rough Riders
Home of the 'Mustangs'
Founded in 1988
1306 N. Meridian Rd
Mesa, AZ 85120

Who We Are

The Arizona Youth Rough Riders (AYRR) is a local non-profit 501c3 organization founded in 1988 by the late Judge Gail Goodman.  The dream he had still lives on today. 
We are dedicated to the youth, parents, and families in the Pinal and Maricopa communities through the shared love of horses.  We support local 4-H organizations and the community by providing open Equestrian events.


  • Gymkhana
  • Trail Class
  • Flag and Drill Team
  • Trail Rides
  • Breakfasts, Picnics & BBQ's
  • Family Fun Days
  • Sponsor/Adopt a Horse
  • Save the Mustangs
  • Private Horse Membership

Through the events and programs listed above, along with family participation, hard work, sacrifice and dedication, we are teaching our youth about community responsibility, having pride and loyalty in what they do, and understanding and committing to the values of becoming good citizens. Our objective is to curtail drug and alcohol use by bringing parents and children together with quality time in training and caring for horses. Each youth will learn about horses thru qualified horse trainers and develop a respect for the law through the use of officers and deputies.


We instill in youth greater community attachment and involvement through recreational and competitive sportsmanship activities and educating on how to save the wild mustangs.


The AYRR organization is strictly a volunteer organization with no wages.  All money gained is used to keep our facility in good order by providing repairs, upgrades and paying utilities.


Any support from our community, local businesses and neighbors is greatly appreciated.
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